Everything I’ve Ever Said About Big Dicks Has Been A Lie

I’ve been a pretty avid activist for all types of penis sizes for a number of years. Small rockets can rock it too, you know. But I realize now, I only said that… Continue reading

Mystery Farts and Other New Relationship Magic

I’m seeing someone. Which I guess is news. But who cares about all the boring ‘when’ and ‘where’ details when the IMPORTANT thing is…..  he mystery farted. And I need to know how… Continue reading

All Men Are The Same

We hear these types of HorseShit generalizations all of the time. And I’m not even sure what sex is worse. As a woman I often overhear other women saying things like “all men… Continue reading

I Fucked a 22 year old

But he had a beard. Also, in my defence I thought he was 23. Because its waaay less creepy and weird for a 28 year old woman to fuck a 23 year old… Continue reading

Sofa King Wee Todd Did

It’s true. I’m in the mental health profession so I can’t just go throwing the term “retarded” around all willy nilly and nimbly bimbly. But what IF… my little rascals, what IF that… Continue reading

What Kind of Fuckery is This?

This is probably the part where I start off by apologizing for my total lack of web presence over the past 2 months. But I’m a boss ass bitch so I ain’t apologizing… Continue reading

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Dick?

Hey kids! Do you like violence? Wanna see me stick 9-inch nails through each onnea my eyelids? (If you’re too young to get that Eminem reference, piss off) Ahhhhh *stretches out* vut to… Continue reading

Sugar Daddies and Shit

“Fuck this, I’m signing up for sugar daddy.com” Was a sentence that came out of my mouth a few days ago. There are a few reasons why. Firstly, I am now just getting… Continue reading

Props to the Morally Depraved

Imagine a world of endless possibilities. A world where every possible decision you can make is available to you. Where no behaviour is off limits. No matter what the challenge, situation, or obstacle,… Continue reading

I’ve Been Nominated :D

Thanks to the lovely Rosie and Lola.. I have been nominated for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”. And there are some rules I have to follow two of which include answering… Continue reading

My Rumble on La Rambla

Haven’t really spoken much about my travels. I’ve actually been to 33 countries and have had a butt tonne of fun adventures… This one was ultra fun, though. And is written per request… Continue reading

Self-Loathing… Like a BOSS

Hey you guys wanna read a post of me whinging about how I suck so hard and am the worst?! OKAY ! 😀 First of all, here I am liking someone like a… Continue reading

The Things That Have Gotten Lost In My Vagina

Bit of a misnomer. It’s really only ONE thing that’s gotten lost in there. And I mean LOST as in I didn’t even know it was in there. I don’t really blog about… Continue reading