I’ve Been Nominated :D


Thanks to the lovely Rosie and Lola.. I have been nominated for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”.

And there are some rules I have to follow two of which include answering ten questions and then nominating 10-12 other blogs written by other fabulous women.

Okay here goes:

Your favourite colour? Uhhhh… does anyone really have a favourite colour after the age of 7? I feel like that’s like asking who my third best friend is.

Your favourite animal? Giraffes. And Cows. But after going to Kenya and Tanzania on a safari I noticed that Zebras are cool as fuck. They get along and chill with EVERY other animal. It don’t matter if they black OR white. So to honour Zebras for ending racism… I’ll choose them. Plus I have a Zebra print dress I look really cute in.

Favourite non alcohol drink? Milkshake I guess. I dunno, I pretty much just only want alcohol in my drinks.

Facebook or Twitter? Don’t have FB so I’ll have to choose the little birdy by default.

Your favourite pattern? What? LOL. I don’t know. Polka dot. How’s that?

Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Getting. Fuck that.

Your favourite number? 7 and 3.

Your favourite day of the week? I’m a grad student. Haha. Everyday is the same for me. Sleep in until 12 and drink all the time.

Your favourite flower? White Lillies 🙂

What is your passion? Working to make people feel unashamed of who they are.

Here are the FAB female bloggers I have nominated:


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