I Fucked a 22 year old


But he had a beard. Also, in my defence I thought he was 23.

Because its waaay less creepy and weird for a 28 year old woman to fuck a 23 year old than a 22 year old right?

Besides beards add like 5 years. So really he was only one year younger than me.

Although, it DID start off rocky and perverted because the VERY first thing I said to him after “Hi, I’m so and so” was

(while shaking his hand)

Holy shit your hands are soft! … what are you like a chronic masterbator or something?”

He felt uncomfortable.

But probably only because the answer was yes.

We had sex that night. Β I was on top a LOT. Okay,Β the whole time. We also did it like 8 times that night. And had a few more action-packed sessions before he left to go wherever the fuck kids go nowadays. Summer camp. Day care. I dunno.

He looked at me while we were doing it and said “You’re perfect

Fucking love young dudes.


(I would also like to add in that the sex WAS consensual and he was aware of the age difference. Just FYI.)