All Men Are The Same


We hear these types of HorseShit generalizations all of the time. And I’m not even sure what sex is worse. As a woman I often overhear other women saying things like “all men are assholes“, “all guys just want one thing“. And perhaps, even worse, I hear SO many MEN perpetuating the same outdated stereotypes about themselves “As a man… I just CAN’T help but be ruled by sex“, “Every man will cheat on his wife if the pursuer is hot enough“.

Do WE and THEY not realize what GRAVE disservice we are doing?! Essentially we are indicating that HALF of the entire HUMAN species is incapable of wanting and executing meaningful and successful relationships. That they are too barbaric, simple, and don’t have the cognitive capacity of making decisions that involve denying their dick. It’s the EXACT same thing as saying that a woman can’t be president because what if she gets her period and her PMS is so bad that she just start nuking continents and shit.

Saying that all men are the same is sexist as fuck. And I think we should stop doing it. It’s embarrassing.

As HUMANS we are all born with the capacity of experiencing the wide range of human emotions. Yes, there are some neurological and biological impediments to the experience of emotions and some psychological disorders render some individuals incapable of doing so. But aside from these congenital anomalies, most humans are hard wired for connection. Male and female babies alike have the capacity to feel the exact same boost of oxytocin (aka: the LOVE neurotransmitter). This lovey love chemical is released when being close and intimate with family members, typically the mother during breast feeding, and close contact in early life. This isn’t something ONLY FEMALE babies experience. And it isn’t something that goes away once a dude’s nuts drop. So can we just relax on the whole “men don’t have the capacity or desire for close relationships thing?”.

YES. Men and women are socialized differently. That cannot be denied and it plays a vital role in how women and men interact with each other. But the sooner we acknowledge we aren’t really that damn different we can all calm our veritable or metaphorical tits and get the fuck along.

It’s basically the same as saying “All black people are the same Or all asians are the same”. Uh guess what? I know black people that can swim! and play golf! Imagine that. I even know a few asian mawafakas that suck at math.

Clutch your pearls and anal beads ladies and gentlemen, it’s true.

But what about evolution?! What about the fact that men want to spread their seed and women need a steady man to provide.  Okay, I’ll be honest, if I was living in a cave and some dude knocked me up and he’s all like “Uhhh so.. there’s like 9 dinosaurs out there right now… do you wanna go get the wildebeest tonight honey, or should I?” Fuck that. He’s going. I’m eating my berries and shit in the cave. Or I’d at LEAST try and play rock paper scissors to get out of it. Best two outta three. But guess what? That lifestyle couldn’t possibly be more irrelevant right now. We live in a society where education is becoming paramount and absolutely necessary to get a good job. No more of this after high school work at your dad’s mechanic ship type of shit. Women are out numbering men in universities now and will be the front runners for some of the most important jobs in the country. All women really need now, along with companionship (which, I would argue, is an important and innate human need) is sperm (-assuming babies are desired), of course. We don’t need money. And we don’t a big brute man wearing a cheetah print thong batting away wooly mammoths.

WE, as humans, want to feel loved, needed, and validated. We want to feel as though we competent at something, that we are GOOD at something, and that we have a PURPOSE. Some human beings seek to fulfill those needs through a romantic, lifelong relationship. Some seek to full fill those needs with work, or friendships. And what is hanging, or not hanging, between your legs is does not dictate that.

I except some women to agree with this. I expect some women to disagree. I expect some men to agree with this. I expect some men to disagree.

And aww gee… wouldn’t that heterogeneity within and between the sexes just validate my argument.