Ladies, Ladies, Ladies… calm your tits ! I’m here. I got you.

I intend for this blog to be a safe space where we can talk about things we may not want ANYONE else to know. It’ll mostly be a compilation of stories about dudes, sex, penises, love juices and anything else in that realm that I feel inspired to share or discuss. But it’ll also be about other shit too. Like, I dunno.. feelings. I have so many of them. I mean, I’ve FELT all of the feelings. Sometimes all at once or in the cycle of like 15 minutes. So I think I’m a bit more than authorized to write about those every once in a while.

Sometimes you may read things and think “WOW I really wish I DIDN’T know that”… sometimes you may read things and throw your hands to the heavens rejoicing in our shared experience exclaiming: “Sweet SAVOURY Jesus!” (Savoury? thaaat can’t be right. Saviour? Savoury sounds more delicious.. I’m keeping it)

I am a white, middle-class, heterosexual female and I will be writing from that perspective. Because it is my own. I am NOT always going to use inclusive language. And will probably use offensive terms every now and then. So if you don’t like that… well, man…. just effin’ read it anyway, my shit is hilarious.

I am not using my real name, of course, because most of the content on this blog will not even be remotely close to professional and will likely put my career to a halt (before it even begins). So feel free to use a moniker of your choice as well.

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