Period Sex

If you think for a second I’m gonna take an entire 5 days off EVERY month from sex you can go fuck yourself. Because I’m not. So shut the fuck up and stick… Continue reading

The Worst Dirty Talking Ever

This post/story has been a long time coming. This is one of my favourite relationships to talk about because it was so ridiculous. I have no idea what I was thinking. Let me… Continue reading

On Being Choked

It wasn’t until I was about 21 or 22 that I actually realized people did this in a sexual context. I heard my friend mention to me about how her (abusive) boyfriend used… Continue reading

Attention Deficit Disorder

Yep. I have officially diagnosed myself with ADD. No I’m not disruptive, unable to sit still, having trouble concentrating, or unusually hyper. It’s not that I don’t HAVE enough attention… I am not… Continue reading

That Time in My Life When I Did A Lot of “Butt Stuff”

You’ve dabbled. Haven’t you? Dabbled in and around the butt? Eh? *elbow* EH?!  *Wink* EH?! Eh, there?! I went through this “butt thing” a few years ago. Don’t ask me why. I just… Continue reading


Just in case you thought from my last post I was going all soft on you. I am not. I am still a Bitchy McSugar bitch tits. Yep. And I am not sure… Continue reading

An Absolute Raw and Reckless Beautiful Mess

As I was digging in the crates of my emotional past a few weeks ago, I came across a particular journal entry that stopped me in my tracks. It was from the summer… Continue reading

I’m Single. Let’s Celebrate. Invite Your Dick.

SO I broke up with my boyfriend last week. The old dude  (read: “Dating someone super fucking old” We met while I was working at a physician’s office and he was a… Continue reading

Nude Photo Fidelity: Is This a Thing?

Okay. So I obviously have no idea what I’m doing. And for someone who’s parents are still together (high school sweethearts nonetheless) and still happily married, I have some fucked up ideas about… Continue reading

False Advertising

If you’re a beefy dude thats like 6 ft 3 and 230 lbs and you have a small penis … I’m just gunna say it: You’re false advertising. It’s misleading. I honestly think… Continue reading

When Dudes Think You Owe Them Pussy

You’re dating a guy casually. You’re kinda bordering on the getting to know you-we’re kinda friends but we fuck category. And it’s cool. There are no expectations really, as you are just establishing… Continue reading

Do I think I’m better than a Stripper?

This post is inspired by a recent text I received. It read: “You give better lap dances than strippers” Um. ? What? First of all, I’ve never given this person a lap dance.… Continue reading

The Boyfriend Bomb

Ahhhh the BF bomb. We’ve all been in this situation. You’re talking to a new guy. He’s cute. The conversation is friendly enough, but in the back of your mind you kinda feel… Continue reading